To order: click on the folder thumbnail and it will load your photos inside that gallery.  The images are low resolution files with a watermark on each.  The watermark will be removed and the digital image you receive will be high resolution.  Images will be placed in a Dropbox folder and you will receive an invitation to join the folder via email once payment has been received.

Each image will have a title found at the bottom of the larger photo when you’ve clicked on the thumbnail.  It will appear like this: item __ of __.  Please reference the item number when ordering; please do not send me screen captures of the images you wish to order, as I will then have to hunt through all of the galleries to find them.  Also note this functionality does not work on cell phones and some tablets; you will need a desktop or laptop computer to order.

Your order would ideally appear like this:

Gallery (dog) Name ___

Item # ___


Gallery Name _____ ALL IMAGES


NOTE:  There is a folder called “Black and white border collies I can’t ID.”  If you do not see an individual folder for your b/w border collie, your images will likely be found in that folder.  In some cases, I could identify *some* photos of your b/w border collie, and there will be an individual folder with minimal images in it; the remaining images of your dog(s) are likely in the “can’t ID” folder from which you can choose them.  I apologize for the confusion, but I did not have the gate sheets and unfortunately, I just can’t tell all of your dogs apart.

If you have questions about ordering/how to order, please contact me so we ensure it goes smoothly.

Payment can be made via ETransfer.  You can send your order using my contact form.

Fall Cup/Special pricing:

My usual price for digital event files, which print up very nicely at 8X10, are $12 each or 5 for $50 ($10 each).  Because this is a Cup event, and because the quality of the photos are affected very slightly because the event was held in a barn and lighting was difficult, I am offering packages for this event:

  • Up to 10 images of one dog – $65.00
  • ALL IMAGES of one dog – $75.00
  • Additional dog owned by same handler – up to 10 images for $40 / all images $50
  • If you have very limited photos (ie fewer than 5), because your dog only ran in minimal events, and would like to purchase images individually, they are $10 per file


For special orders, such as collages, please contact me for pricing.

Happy viewing!

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