Here are the images from the ASC of BC trial May 12th and 13th.  Due to the large volume of images, the images have been broken up into several galleries, and they make take some time to load, so please be patient.  Images of your dog may be anywhere in the galleries, so please enjoy flipping through them.

To order: click on a thumbnail image and it will load a larger, though still low resolution image with a watermark.  The watermark will be removed and the digital image you receive will be high resolution.  Images will be placed in a Dropbox folder and you will receive an invitation to join the folder via email once payment has been received.

Each image will have a title found at the bottom of the larger photo when you’ve clicked on the thumbnail.  It will appear like this: item __ of __.  Please reference the item number when ordering; please do not send me screen captures of the images you wish to order, as I will then have to hunt through all of the images to find them.

Your order would ideally appear like this:

Gallery #___

Item # ___ of ___

If you have questions about ordering/how to order, please contact me so we ensure it goes smoothly.

Payment can be made via ETransfer or Paypal.  Please cite your payment method preference when ordering.  You can send your order using my contact form.

Digital files, which print up very nicely at 8X10, are $12 each or 5 for $50 ($10 each).  Any images over 5 are also $10 each.  You may not combine orders with other individuals/handlers, but you can combine images of your own dogs to make up the lower price point package.


This high resolution name collage of your dog is available for $75.00*  The club logo can be integrated into the final image if you prefer, and the image can be customized with your preferred colour(s) and/or text (ie registered name, titles, slogan – whatever you like)!

*final composite does not include individual high resolution files of the images used. To receive those individually with the composite, please add an additional $25.00 for all the images used.


For special orders, such as collages, please contact me for pricing.

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Gallery 2

Gallery 3

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Gallery 7

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